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Greer County offers a variety of interesting and unusual sites for birders, photographers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Quartz Mountain State Park, one of the state's geologic and natural marvels, provides wildlife watching opportunities that include Bald Eagles, prairie wildflowers in spring, and a variety of birdlife.

In contrast to the comfort and convenience provided by the park's conference center and wel-maintained trails, the other side of Greer County beckons visitors with the rough and rugged Sandy Sanders Wildlife Management Area. Prairie dog towns, wooden windmills, rugged red shale breaks, and rough dirt roads invite visitors who want a taste of the untrodden solitude offered by Western Oklahoma.

County roads that run alongside wheat fields and cattle pastures sport Scissor-tailed Flycatchers, kingbirds, hawks, doves, quail, and sparrows--and the riot of color in spring that happens when the roadsides burst forth in bloom is without equal.

Pleasant towns like Mangum, the county seat, and Granite, a town built on the bounty of its quarry and the prowess of its stonemasons, give visitors a place to rest, get a bite to eat, and stay the night.

Hurry on to Greer County, and the treasures of the Elm Fork, North Fork, and Salt Fork of the Red River.

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