Stop 1: Texola Prairie Dog Town

Directions: Take the Texola exit on I-40, and go south on Grand Avenue to the T intersection. Turn left and follow the road to N1690. Turn right and after a few hundred yards you'll see the dog town off to the left.

This small prairie dog town is spread out over wheat fields and a corner of agricultural land. Set up a spotting scope to get close looks at these fascinating animals. Golden Eagles hunt in the vicinity of the dog town, and other raptors such as Swainson's Hawk and Red-tailed Hawk can be seen here as well, looking for a quick prairie dog snack. Burrowing Owls should also be looked for among the prairie dog burrows. The prairie dogs are extremely sensitive to cars that pull up to watch, and will usually scamper back to their burrows. Patient waiting inside your vehicle will pay the best dividends, as the prairie dogs will eventually come back out.

In Texola take a moment to visit the historic jail, which is made of blocks and has bars across the open windows. Old-timers say that people were law-abiding in the winter to avoid spending time in the freezing cells.

From the prairie dog town, return to I-40 East and exit at Honey Farm Road, turn right/south and drive to Route 66, turn left/east to Highway 30, turn right/south to reach Sandy Sanders Wildlife Management Area.

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