Stop 6: Sayre City Park and Golf Course

Directions: Return north on U.S. 283, go under I-40 and continue about 1 mile to the city park on the left.

As you head north on 283, check the ponds on the right side of the highway for egrets, herons, as well as waterfowl from fall through early spring. As you drive through the park, check the two small ponds that abut the golf course. In addition to Little Blue Herons, Cattle Egrets, Killdeer, Red-winged Blackbirds, jays, robins, and bluebirds, this is a good venue to watch for dragonflies such as Eastern Pondhawk, Blue Dasher, and Widow Skimmer, damselflies such as Familiar Bluet, and red-eared slider turtles. Check the tall cottonwoods and elms during spring and fall for migrants.

Photographers and Route 66 enthusiasts should take note of the old bathhouse, made of beautiful red shale by the Works Progress Administration during the 30's, as well as the attractive red wall that lines the back side of the park. Going south back towards I-40 on the road that borders the back of the park, visitors are once again on old Route 66. Shortly after leaving the park, the road comes to a Y. At the Y is an old restaurant and building that still says "Beer" in faint lettering. Once you hit I-40, continue west for a few miles along the feeder road and look carefully for the old buildings that once served the thriving traffic along Route 66.

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